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A versatile and free messaging app

Hangouts is a free social and communication service that allows you to send emojis, photos and make group video calls. You can host a free video call with up to ten contacts, chat in groups and send messages to people even if they're offline. Hangouts can be accessed across all of your devices as an app, or on your computer through the Chrome extension. 

Hangouts is part of Google's suite of online apps and is essentially a simpler version of Google Meet and Google Chat. Both of these apps contain more features but are orientated towards businesses users. They also require a monthly fee to use, making Hangouts a more attractive option as it's entirely free. Other popular communication apps you can download are Signal and WhatsApp

Overview of Google Hangouts for Windows 

Google Hangouts is a simple option for keeping up with people synced to your account. When you open a new message, it displays an updated list of everyone available and waiting for a chat or call. If you find some free time, there's also the Google Duo icon that allows live feeds from the user's camera in real-time - perfect for sharing moments with friends near and far at any given moment.

Chats are a quick and easy way to communicate with friends. They have the standard features of most messaging apps like Zoom and allow users to send emojis, status updates, videos, or photos easily. Chats can be used for many purposes - whether you're looking for some entertainment while waiting in line at Starbucks or sharing your latest vacation photos. 

When you want to chat with someone, all that's required is typing their name or email address in the search bar and sending them an invitation. You can add more people to your group chat by clicking the plus icon found at the top of the chatbox. To send a photo, click the image icon on the bottom-right to send your photos to everyone in the group. 

For video calls, click the video call button, and a window pops up. Once your call has begun, you can quickly turn off cameras or mute microphones with one simple click. In addition, you can use in-call messaging to share links, photos, and notes with everyone during the video call. 

This app is designed to sync all your chats across devices, so if you use it on both a PC and Android device, then Hangouts will automatically update messages without any hassle. In addition, you don't have to worry about manually syncing the two because this app does most of the work in the background with little resources used.

More useful features to manage your Hangouts 

Send your friends a message and start talking anytime they're offline. An appealing feature of Messages is the ability to send messages even when somebody's not online. You can tap on their name, write something personal in the text box that appears - perfect for saying hello or sending an emoji — then hit Send without having to worry about them being busy with other things.

If you want to respond later, snooze your notifications. This will help prevent the distractions of phone calls and messages while focusing on what's important now. And with Google Voice, you can make phone calls using a US number and your own voice. You may also send text messages or check your voicemail to keep up with friends and family. 

Google has been busy making their well-known Chat app even better by adding a new feature that will let users see what they have talked about in the past with friends or family members who may live far away from them. With this update to the application called 'Hangout History,' all of your conversations are saved on Google Drive for easy access later on when maybe you need to remember something specific someone said, like his phone number or address back home.

How is Hangouts video quality?

Hangouts offer a basic but still serviceable call quality. The clarity of the sound that comes through in each Hangout is a little less than what you would be used to with other apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams

It can be a struggle for participants on your Hangouts calls to maintain clear connections. Even if you have excellent internet, the others may not and will be subject to blurriness or delays in their voice. This can lead to people constantly talking over each other, which is frustrating and awkward during meetings.

Security concerns with video conferencing platforms are a big issue right now, but Hangouts has an advantage. It comes bundled in G Suite, and it offers security measures, like preventing unwanted participants from hijacking your call.

Using the Hangouts Chrome extension 

With the help of the Hangouts Chrome Extension on browsers such as Safari or Firefox, you have access to everything that would be available in an instant messenger—from screen sharing to voice chat, even video calls. 

To install Hangouts on your computer, download the Hangouts Chrome extension, then click 'Add to Chrome' followed by 'Add.' The extension will now automatically open for you. 

Simple but essential features 

Google Hangouts is the perfect solution for those who want a simple way to chat with friends and family. It's comfortable, easy to use and understand, has everything you need for communication - without too many extras that make it seem complex or challenging. 

If you're looking for a free tool, Google Hangouts is a great option for those who want to video conference but don't have the money. All you need in order to use it is your personal Google account, and there are no monthly fees. But bear in mind it's aimed at personal use and not for businesses.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sync contacts and chats across multiple devices
  • Can integrate Google Voice
  • Strong default security settings


  • Not aimed at business users
  • Poor video call quality

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Hangouts for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2020.803.419.1
  • 3.8
  • (3802)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Hangouts

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    Your download is a pain. I didn't appreciate the multiple downloads from other programs,

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    by Neeraja K

    ya it is useful for group learning for teachers. we can see everyone online wherever you are placed.very useful and helpful app.. can modify more for  More

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    niceand i love it cos it makes me to be able so send and receive message

  • terry mapes

    by terry mapes

    its a cool place to chill out and meet cool ladys to thank you all

  • Darin Hughes

    by Darin Hughes

    It is really an awesome program, the best part of it is my wife doesn't know about it


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